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Explorers galleri 2022 - Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers galleri 2022

Moon Camp Explorers Galleri 2021-2022

I Moon Camp Explorers er hvert holds opgave at 3D-designe en komplet Moon Camp ved hjælp af Tinkercad. De skal også forklare, hvordan de vil bruge lokale ressourcer, beskytte astronauterne mod farerne i rummet og beskrive leve- og arbejdsfaciliteterne.

Team: Sarandonga

Colegio Estudiantes Las Tablas  Madrid    Spanien 13   4 / 0
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It is a mooncamp that has been created by the “sarandonga” team in a complementary class at the Las Tablas student school and it is a lunar base with all the facilities that a human can have. A gym, a kitchen, some computers to communicate with the earth, some rooms, a lunar water transformer (since it has been shown that there is water on the moon) and a protective shield for meteorites or objects that may fall on the base .

Hvor ønsker du at bygge din Moon Camp?
An area whit a lot of solar light
Hvorfor valgte du dette sted?

We have chosen an area that receives the sun most of the time that we are and

because the energy we use is solar and it would be a waste of energy not to be in that area

Hvordan planlægger du at opbygge din Mooncamp? Hvilke materialer vil du bruge?

Vibranium’s main feature is its ability to absorb vibrations as well as the kinetic energy of targets thrown at it. This, added to its resistance, is what has made it the metal used to build armor and other defensive elements, it is also very light, resistant, and easy to transport,


We have created a lunar water extractor that then purifies it so that it is drinkable

We have brought a lot of food and if by chance we run out of it, we contact the earth so that they send us more

The energy we use is solar, since it is a clean and easy to obtain energy

We have brought many oxygen cylinders that are inserted into a device that spreads oxygen throughout the base and absorbs carbon dioxide and expels it.

We have brought a protective shield that prevents the moon camp from being damaged

Beskriv en dag på Månen for en af dine Moon Camp-astronauter

In the morning when you wake up you go to the kitchen and have some breakfast, then if you want you go to the gym to exercise and then you prepare to send a message to the earth to inform you how the earth is and then you put on your suit to go out and explore . When you get back from exploring, you go to the kitchen and eat something. Then you take a nap to be active and have a snack. Then you make sure that the protective shield is still active and without fail and then you go to collect food from the warehouse. When you come back you have dinner, and you go to sleep to be rested for the next day.

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