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Discovery gallery 2020-2021 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery gallery 2020-2021

Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

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Team: Cats team

Puławy    Poland Category: Lunar lander External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

The MB-RJ-NK-2021 rover has large wheels made of strong rubber that allow it to move freely on the surface of the moon. It draws energy from lunar dust and converts it into energy. The rover has mounted cameras that allow you to see meteorites or other threats. It is also equipped with an artificial satellite that allows you to determine accurate weather information and easier GPS navigation. The rover is equipped with construction equipment. It is used by astronauts to build space stations, housing modules. The rover can be controlled manually or automatically. It has comfortable seats and strong windows in the event of meteorite strikes.

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