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Lunar Orbital Space Station – Moon Camp Challenge
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Lunar Orbital Space Station

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Lunar Orbital Space Station

Team: Lunáticos

Jaén    Spain Category: Lunar Orbital Space Station External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

The lunar camp is located in the middle so that it is half where the sun shines and half on the far side.

The parts of our camp are: recycling: to recycle already used things/crops: they have an irrigation system with the electricity collected by the solar panels

work room: with computers/ communication room with the outside/Gym: to get stronger/ Pantry: for food/ Bathroom: adapted for the use of waste/living and leisure room where they can play and relax / bedroom: only with two beds /

Finally we have a moon car, which has iron wheels, a battery compartment, a communication antenna, a radar as well as an oxygen cabin.


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