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Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

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Moon Base

Team: Kiditeam

Bucharest    Romania Category: Moon base External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

We created a really complex project, above and below the ground

Our objectives:
– Science experiments
– Early Warning System against life threating asteroids for Earth
– Rocket Launch Base for Inter-Planetary launches (to Mars, to asteroid mining)
– Mining HQ using Moon Raw Materials
– Travel accomodation for space travel turists
– Biological Backup System for Earth Seeds and Earth DNA (due low temperatures)
– Quantum Computers Datacenter (due low temperatures)
– living quarters
– science labs
– gym
– bath
– medical lab
– storage
– garages for Moon Rovers, equiped with reparing docs and tools
– 3d printing modules (including bio-printers for human tissues)
– spaceport – where supply rockets will land
– Deep Space Telescope
– Multi Radar system (incoming/outgoing spacecraft, debries, meteorites, )
– communication with Earth
– satelite receiving from Geo-Stationary Moon Orbiter Satelites (Galileo Moon)
– Solar Farm Mirrors (on soil)

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