Mooncamp challenge
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Discovery gallery 2021-2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery gallery 2021-2022

Moon Camp Discovery 2021-2022 Project Gallery

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Team: ZH Moonbase

Category: Moon base | Hong Kong |  Hong Kong |  1 |  12 years old External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

If you look from the front, the dome on the right is for people to live in, and the dome on the left is for storage and plants. In the middle, there is a separation system that will not let air from outside to go in the domes. The smaller passage is for people and the bigger one is for vehicles. On top of that, there is a lookout tower that also functions like a radar, which can detect signals from space. At the back, there is an area for solar panels, which connects to the dome at the left.

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