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Discovery gallery 2021-2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery gallery 2021-2022

Moon Camp Discovery 2021-2022 Project Gallery

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Team: Moon Mania

Category: Moon base | BRISTOL |  United Kingdom |  1 |  10 years old External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

As the moon’s temperature can range from 123°C to -233°C, my moon base will be at the lunar poles. The temperature there can range from 0°C to -50°C, which is much better. To make water, it will be taken to the moon first and the water recycling system, just like the one used on the International Space Station, will recycle the used water. To make air on the moon base, there are plants in a sealed greenhouse that make oxygen(O2) from the air we breathe out, carbon dioxide(CO2). Not only do they provide air, but they also provide food for the astronauts. There are also solar panels next to the base. The energy will be stored in fuel cells. As on the poles the sun almost always shines, the plants will be able to grow and the solar panels will be able to get energy. There is also a research facility and the main exit is located there. This is because, when doing research, the astronauts may have to go outside to do experiments so the exit will be located near them. To move to different places, there is a lunar rover outside the exit. As the moon has no atmosphere, it suffers from radiation and solar flares from the sun. To protect the astronauts, there is a polyethylene shield covering most of the base. To communicate with Earth, lasers will be used. Also, the lasers used will be 20x faster than the average internet on the Earth.

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