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Discovery gallery 2021-2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery gallery 2021-2022

Moon Camp Discovery 2021-2022 Project Gallery

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Team: Aaron-Alex

Category: Moon base | Esplugues de Llobregat |  Spain |  2 |  13 years old External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

Our lunar base has power generators, an orchard, warehouses, etc…

The first thing we will find would be the extraction tube, where we can enter and exit the base.

Upon entering we find a corridor where we can access several rooms, in one of them part of the energy is generated with solar panels, among others. Next to it, a corridor that leads to a door that leads to a warehouse where we store tools, plans, etc.

If we follow the other corridor we will pass through one of the control centers, the one in charge of communicating with the earth.

If we kept walking, we would find another door which would take us to the orchard / Warehouse, a place where we plant and store food to feed our workers.

From the outside we could already see a large tower next to a small one attached to one side, the small one serves to access the largest one, which consists of all of the above, control centers, warehouses, generators, etc.

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