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Moon Camp Discovery 2021-2022 Project Gallery

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Team: Project Basewalker

Category: Moon base | Riyadh |  Saudi Arabia |  2 |  11 years old External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

Project Basewalker has all the requirements to support humans to walk in a moon base. There are the basic domes, with glass farms with human plants to be grown using the sun, and the water comes from lunar ice by big pillar drills, which is purified. But it first falls on turbines after being melted, which provides extra hydroelectric energy in the night aside from the solar farms. The base also has multiple science labs, and a skylab, where space stations can gear up, collect data, build and leave quickly, also hosting a rocket pad. The rovers are electric and are charged in rover parking using cable chargers. The rocket has two boosters on the sides, with a top crew cabin. The main part holds most of the fuel. The space station can attach to other cabins, the main structure having 3 cabins with solar panels, which charge it.

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