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Γκαλερί Pioneers 2022 - Moon Camp Challenge
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Moon Camp Pioneers Gallery 2021-2022

Στο Moon Camp Pioneers η αποστολή κάθε ομάδας είναι να σχεδιάσει τρισδιάστατα μια πλήρη κατασκήνωση στο φεγγάρι χρησιμοποιώντας το Fusion 360. Πρέπει επίσης να εξηγήσουν πώς θα χρησιμοποιούν τους τοπικούς πόρους, θα προστατεύουν τους αστροναύτες από τους κινδύνους του διαστήματος και να περιγράψουν τις εγκαταστάσεις διαβίωσης και εργασίας.

Team: watcher

郑州轻工业大学  河南省郑州市    Κίνα 18   3 / 2
Εξωτερικός θεατής για 3d έργο
Περιγραφή του έργου

Our project is divided into five zones: living area, power area, water and oxygen area, work and contact area and fuel power area. The outermost circular energy hood and the square residential area inside embody the fangyuan idea of traditional Chinese culture. First of all, life is divided into housing, planting warehouses, and processing moon dust areas, and the plants in the planting warehouses can be used as food or oxygen, and the oxygen produced will be stored in the water oxygen area. Secondly, the supply of electricity energy is all responsible for the power district. Water and oxygen are then provided by the water oxygen zone, and the environmental control system regulates the composition of the gas in the base. Recycling equipment is also built to recycle domestic wastewater and domestic solid waste, improve resource utilization and prevent waste. The work and contact area includes lunar rovers, radars and spacecraft, which are used to transport resources on Earth and lunar resources, as well as to make connections between the moon and Earth. In addition, astronauts can also control the robot to work, reducing the risk of going out to work. Worm underground probes can detect the composition of lunar soil and bring unknown material back to the base for astronauts to study. Finally, the living area will also be connected to the power area, the water oxygen area and the fuel power area through the pipeline, which is buried under the camp, which can effectively prevent the pipeline from being damaged

2.1 Πού θέλετε να χτίσετε το Moon Camp σας;

I want to build my own lunar camp next to a crater in the permanent light zone. The reasons are as follows, first of all, the lunar two-level crater is the most likely place to have lunar ice, which is convenient for obtaining water resources, and secondly, in the lunar two-level area that has been exposed to sunlight, it can maximize the efficiency of solar power generation and ensure that the base has sufficient power. In addition, these areas are most likely to have some energy materials and unknown new materials, which are both conducive to the collection of samples by underground probes for study and the life of astronauts on the moon.

2.2 Πώς σκοπεύετε να χτίσετε τη δική σας κατασκήνωση στο φεγγάρι; Περιγράψτε τις τεχνικές, τα υλικά και τις σχεδιαστικές σας επιλογές.

First of all, the lunar base is surrounded by a layer of energy shield, which is a specific frequency energy beam generated by several base points, forming a geometric mask, which can change the frequency according to the intensity of sunlight, isolate cosmic rays to maintain temperature, and the energy shield can also resist small meteorites. The building materials in the base are nickel-based alloys as the main body, the outer layer is attached to the aerogel, and the inner layer is attached to the composite phase change heat storage material to ensure the appropriate temperature. Holographic interaction technology is used in the base, and astronauts can control the equipment in the base in real time through the bracelet they wear. Secondly, the base monitoring system is responsible for regulating the living environment in the living area, such as air composition, humidity, equipment of the base, and making the base into dormant mode when the astronauts are resting, saving energy. Then, the synchronous operation robot can replace the astronaut in the dangerous place, through the VR camera, synchronous sensing system, the astronaut can freely control the robot to complete the task. There are also worm detection robots, using biomimetic simulation of worm movements, worm detectors can easily reach the underground of the moon, collect soil and real-time monitoring of the composition of the lunar soil and the data in its system to compare, improve the distribution map of lunar resources, and bring back samples of unknown components for study.

2.3 Το περιβάλλον στη Σελήνη είναι πολύ επικίνδυνο για τους αστροναύτες. Εξηγήστε πώς θα τους προστατεύσει η δική σας κατασκήνωση στη Σελήνη. (το πολύ 150 λέξεις)

First of all, the building materials in the base are nickel-based alloy, with aerogel attached to the outer layer and composite phase change heat storage material attached to the inner layer to ensure the appropriate temperature. Secondly, the base’s environmental control system is responsible for regulating the oxygen concentration, humidity and temperature in the living area to ensure the living environment of the astronauts. There is also a special area to deal with the moon dust, reduce the harm of the moon dust to the base equipment, astronauts. The base’s outer energy shield blocks ultraviolet and cosmic rays and most meteorite impacts. Elastic materials will also be added to the surface of the building to minimize impact damage. The construction of synchronous sensing robots can be used to replace astronauts out and about, allowing astronauts to complete exploration from the base.

2.4 Εξηγήστε πώς η σεληνιακή κατασκήνωσή σας θα παρέχει στους αστροναύτες:

The first way is to add hydrogen and methane to the mineral mixture, activate it into lunar soil and then heat it to about 1,000 ° C, the minerals turn directly from solid to gas, and then the gas and residual methane are sent to a catalytic converter and condenser to separate the water. Another way is to melt the collected lunar ice directly to obtain water.

Mainly through the construction of planting warehouses to obtain food, through hydroponics, the machine fully automatic control of light, moisture, carbon dioxide concentration so that the maturity period of plants shortened, plants matured by the machine to collect and process, part of the canned or nutrient storage, part of the dishes according to the taste needs of astronauts, for the astronauts daily needs.

Solar panels will be built near the base to convert the abundant solar energy on the moon into electricity and store it to supply electricity for the camp. Moreover, the stored electricity will be converted into heat energy, and the mined lunar ice will be heated, vaporized into water, and then electrolyzed to generate hydrogen and oxygen, which will be used as backup fuel for the spacecraft

There are several sources of air, electrolysis of water, which can be extracted from lunar ice to make oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen is obtained through photosynthesis of plants in the planting bin. Some of the oxidants in the lunar dust are turned into gaseous gases at high temperatures, and chemical excipients (mainly hydrogen and methane) are added, which react with the excipients to extract oxygen and water. After extracting water and oxygen, the excipients are reduced and reused. The capture of carbon dioxide is mainly filtered through the recovery of fuel exhaust and used to regulate the air concentration. The environmental control system regulates the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen at the base to levels that are habitable to astronauts.

2.5 Εξηγήστε ποιος θα είναι ο κύριος σκοπός της κατασκήνωσης σας στο φεγγάρι.

We have established a lunar camp mainly for scientific research and exploration of the moon, to help future humans land on the moon. At the same time, tourism development is also an important factor in the establishment of our camps. The lunar camp is the first step in mankind’s conquest of the moon, a small step for us, but a big step for mankind is a project of great significance.

3.1 Περιγράψτε μια μέρα στη Σελήνη για το πλήρωμα αστροναυτών της κατασκήνωσης σας στη Σελήνη.

Each morning, the astronauts will wake up from their sleeping compartments and wash in a wash compartment before checking on the growth of crops in a compartment insulated with phase change materials. After breakfast, the astronauts will check all the instruments to make sure they are working properly. Then do your daily exercise to avoid the effects of the moon’s low gravity, including flabby muscles. After the exercise, astronauts can drive the rover to mine the moon’s ice when the weather is good. In bad weather, the remotely operated robot will carry out external operations and explore other parts of the moon, bringing samples back to the base and conducting various experiments there. The astronauts will then check each piece of equipment for damage and use a 3D printer to print the necessary parts. The information obtained today could then be transmitted via satellite to Earth for study. After these things are done, the astronauts again into the exercise area for exercise, improve the body immunity. If something very necessary is missing, it can be reported back to Earth and transported by ship. Later, the astronauts can have dinner to replenish their body’s nutrition. In order to ensure the balanced nutrition of the astronauts, we will check their physical conditions regularly with instruments and prepare nutritious meals according to the body needs of the astronauts. A pre-bed bath and comfortable massage chair will always ease the fatigue, and astronauts will be able to use telescopes to observe outer space, check again on the safety of installations in the lunar camp, and sleep in a sleep pod.


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