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KARABÜK BİLİM VE SANAT MERKEZİ  Merkez    Turkey 6 years old and younger, 11   8 / 3

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Project description

We will take action to establish a Moon base. Our aim is to extract the oxygen hidden between the craters on the Moon with robots and store it under suitable conditions. We will also do research on the food necessary for life on the Moon. We aim to obtain the energy we need through integrated solar panels. In addition to all these, we are doing research on storing water and food in suitable conditions due to the large temperature differences day and night on the Moon.

Why do your astronaut want to go to the Moon and build a Moon Camp?

We want to reach the ice crystals and oxygen between the craters on the Moon and understand how much this is enough for humanity. Can we prepare so that most of humanity will live on the Moon when life on Earth is endangered? This is what we’re after. We also want to identify and investigate the minerals and mines there.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

on the moon surface

Why did you choose this location?

Since it is not always possible to get the sun in the craters of the Moon,
we thought that the solar panels on the surface could receive the rays from the sun more angularly.

How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe how you can use the Moon’s natural resources, and which materials you would need to bring from Earth.

We will build a mechanically and robotically mobile moon base with LEGO EDUCATION sets.
We aim to protect energy and food from temperature differences by establishing storage facilities by considering the temperature differences of the materials we will bring to the moon. We have been working on this subject for 3 weeks and our prototype will appear soon.

How does your Moon Camp protect and provide shelter to your astronauts against the Moon’s harsh environment.

We have designed special clothing for the Astronauts in our Moon camp (suits made of materials resistant to temperature differences and tearing.)
For example, when entering the base, it will be ensured that the oxygen inside the base never goes out with the double door system.

On the Moon, resources are very scarce, but during long Moon missions, astronauts cannot rely on resupply missions from the Earth. Explain how your Moon Camp will provide astronauts with sustainable access to basic needs like water, food, air and power.

We aim to find oxygen and water from the craters in the lunar camp. In addition, there will be enough water for the astronauts for 3 months in the rocket that we come to the Moon from the Earth.
A special treatment system will also be built to ensure that the water is used repeatedly.
We also planned to establish greenhouses for food. We also planned to overcome the food shortages by bringing many dried fruits and dry protein foods from around the world. Sustainability of energy will be possible thanks to solar panels.

What would you include in your astronaut training programme, to help prepare the astronauts for a Moon mission?

We used to include training in the astronaut training program, such as regular breathing, calorie calculation of food and beverages, and health status first aid trainings.

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