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Explorers gallery 2021 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers gallery 2021

Moon Camp Explorers Gallery 2020-2021

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: jazebah

gfpa  gautent    South Africa 11
External link for 3d
Project description

There is a place for food there is where you will grow your food.then there is a place for a school hospital and even a science lab! there is also and oxygen and water purifier

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
Close to the Lunar Equator
Why did you choose this location?

this would be the perfect to put it. this place also receives a good amount of sunlight

How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Which materials would you use?

I would use “asteroid” (bullet) proof glass so it will protect the structures inside and i would use wood and  something that is not to heavy 3D printed structures.

Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

There would be a big container that will have the water inside and a machine that will purify the water.

There will be a place where food will grow using a UV raise type of thing.

from solar panels

In another container, just like the water one, would be the oxygen and a machine to purify it.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

You would wake up and probably got to the science lab.There u will do experiments to help to make this place better for the future.You would also try to design a type of vehicle that will go on the moon.Then you would go to the water hose and get water then go to the place where you grow food and grab something to eat.

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