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Explorers gallery 2021 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers gallery 2021

Moon Camp Explorers Gallery 2020-2021

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: The Roboteers

British International School Ho Chi Minh City  Ho Chi Minh City    Vietnam 10
External link for 3d
Project description

The rocket has three parts. Each part will eject from the rocket when it runs out of fuel. The Soyuz is were the astronauts stay. They have water, food and cushions for safety.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
Close to the Lunar Poles
Why did you choose this location?

In a crater to land on a smooth place.

How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Which materials would you use?

I would use materials which would protect the radiation falling on the humans living on the Moon Base.

Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

The astronauts would take oxygen and water from earth in tanks.

They would grow their own food in space.

The can have solar panels to gain more energy

The astronauts would take oxygen and water from earth in tanks.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

In the morning the astronauts would eat their breakfast and exercise for two hours. Then, they would do some lab experiments. If they have time they can walk on the moon for their free time. After that, they would eat lunch. They would carry on with their work until dinner. Finally, they can talk with their friends or family members and have a good nights rest.

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