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Explorers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Explorers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Explorers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Explorers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Tinkercad. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: Space Queens

Colégo do Castanheiro  Ponta Delgada    Portugal 12, 13   4 / 4
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Project description

Our moon base has a bedroom with a bunk bed and a wardrobe, a small kitchen with a table, and a pantry to store food. In addition, there is a bathroom with just a toilet and a wash basin. There is also a greenhouse and a space for exercising. Finally, we can find the rocket in which we “arrived” at the lunar base.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
Shackleton crater
Why did you choose this location?

We chose Shackleton Crater because we can get ice to produce water and oxygen gas.

How do you plan to build your Mooncamp? Which materials will you use?

The materials we used were: titanium and an iron-based superelastic alloy.


Burn hydrogen inside a greenhouse and melt ice taken from the moon.

Planting in the greenhouse.

Solar panels, electrical cables, alternator and heater.

Burning hydrogen inside the greenhouse.

Depressurization system, anti-gravity system and special clothing to maintain the temperature.

Describe a day on the Moon for one of your Moon Camp astronauts

1- Wake up at 6:45 in the morning

2- Eat (potatoes and water)

3- Wear special clothes

4- Check if the tubers, inside the greenhouse, continue to grow

5- See the computer to confirm if there will be storms

6- Check the panels

7- Eating foods that were produced in the greenhouse

8- Assemble materials

9- Rest

10- Dinner

11- Sleep

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