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Pioneers gallery 2021 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Pioneers gallery 2021

Moon Camp Pioneers Gallery 2020-2021

In Moon Camp Pioneers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Fusion 360. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: SUM

Zhengzhou University of Light Industry  河南省郑州市    China 18, 19 External viewer for 3d project
Project description

The camp is located on the surface of the moon, slightly inward, based on less meteorite resources. My Moon Camp is mainly scientific, mainly to study the moon and space, explore the secrets of the moon.

Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

The camp is built on the lunar pole, some of which will be permanently illuminated by the sun, but without ice, the camp has solar energy and water, and there will be fewer meteorites here.

How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe the techniques and materials you would use.

The camp will be made of metal (against lunar winds and meteorites), roundly designed, with a command centre, a plantation, a ship launch pad and a landing pad, a power plant and an electrolytic water plant

The environment on the Moon is very dangerous for the astronauts. Explain how your Moon Camp will protect them.

The walls of the camp can protect astronauts, the walls can prevent sandstorms, the sun, the cold, but also prevent meteorites from falling, the camp can also observe changes in the surrounding environment at any time, when there is danger with a hierarchical distinction, high risk can make rockets return to earth.

Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

Water is extracted and synthesized from hydrogen and oxygen elements on the moon. When the first time to the moon, some water will be brought to the moon. When the water is insufficient, rockets will be used to transport water to and from the earth.

Food Raise some plants or animals (pigs, sheep, chickens, etc.) in the plantation, and store more compressed biscuits, compressed beef and other food in the camp.
C Energy Energy is mainly powered by solar panels. Thereis a storage room in the camp and a power plant is built in the camp just in case.

Can work out in the base, play basketball, table tennis. Eat, sleep. Go out to do a good job of protection can be nearby activities, or driving a car travel.

Air is mainly electrolysis of water, and trees are planted indoors.

Explain what would be the main purpose of your Moon Camp (for example: commercial, scientific, and/or tourist purposes).

My lunar camp is mainly used for scientific development, exploring the secrets of the moon and creating a better environment for the earth,

Describe a day on the Moon for your Moon Camp astronaut crew.

Everyone has to get up in the morning, eat in the morning, watch the changes outside last night, check the integrity of the equipment and water and electricity, and whether the vegetables or solar energy in the plantation are damaged, then dig out the car to observe the situation, look for resources, collect some lunar materials back to the camp to study, return to the camp for lunch and replacement at noon

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