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Pioneers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Pioneers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Pioneers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Pioneers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Fusion 360. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: Blue Flke

郑州轻工业大学  河南省郑州市    China 19   4 / 4
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Project description

This project provides astronauts with comfortable and convenient research environment, and does a good job in logistics support for research, so as to greatly improve the conversion rate of science and technology and business. The camp is mainly divided into nine parts, namely the main living room, the general control room, the hydroponic planting area, the waste collector, and the energy collector , satellite launch bays, unmanned lunar rovers, solar panels and oxygen supply equipment, but also built a prayer room for astronauts and believers to do daily prayers to meet religious needs.

Among them, the exterior of the hydroponic planting area is built of glass material, which can fully receive light, and the interior contains a temperature control system, and the upper end of the crop provides oxygen for the lower end of the fish, and the fish provide nutrients for the plants, the two form a small ecosystem.

Waste collectors collect waste from the process of creating lunar camps and from astronauts’ daily lives.

The energy collector is able to use the moon’s ore soil to extract and use helium-3 through a series of biochemical reactions.

Satellite launch modules can use conduits to transmit the fuel generated by the collected helium-3 for use.

Oxygen supply equipment uses centralized oxygen supply system to reduce the pressure of the high pressure oxygen of the oxygen gas source, and transport it through the pipeline to each gas terminal, and each gas terminal uses a ventilator, oxygen tube to supply gas.

2.1 Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

The site is located near the polar region of The Eternal Day, which has Cripp Rock, and near the less large Eternal Night Zone.

Because the resources required for the lunar base are solar energy, and water ice and Kripp rock (for the mobile mechanical power fuel uranium thorium) are used, it is necessary to find places where all three resources are more abundant.

There is a lot of water ice in the north and south poles of the moon, about 70% to 80% of the time in the polar region under the sun, solar energy provides sufficient power for the lunar base, and the temperature difference is small, a large number of lunar seas are distributed, which should be an ideal area for the establishment of lunar scientific research.

2.2 How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe the techniques, materials and your design choices.

The lunar camp was built using modern technology (concrete technology, 3D printing technology, skin structure design), using sulfur coagulation technology to establish a base shell; rocks and weathered soil on the moon as aggregates for lunar concrete; sulfur obtained from lunar soil Solar energy is heated to 130 ° ~ 140 ° C, as a binder; and then the lunar weathering soil is used to form lunar glass fibers, which is used as a reinforcement material for sulfur concrete to improve tensile strength.

The shell is covered with an additional layer of airbags (skin structure design).

The first layer: micrometeroids and space debris layers; The second layer: the thermal meteoroid shielding layer; The third layer: fiber fabric barrier layer; Fourth layer: multi-layer insulation blanket.

The interior adopts 3D printing technology (mature technology, simple and convenient, cheap and efficient), local materials, using moon soil and magnesium oxide mixture as materials, printing life and scientific research supplies.

2.3 The environment on the Moon is very dangerous for the astronauts. Explain how your Moon Camp will protect them. (maximum 150 words)

We build the micrometeroid and space debris protection layer in the outermost airbag, the thermal micrometeoroid shielding layer, which can block high-energy particle radiation, cosmic rays, high-speed micrometeroids and space debris, while using a fiber fabric barrier layer to maintain the internal air pressure of the base, and the multi-layer insulation blanket can maintain a constant temperature inside the camp, so that astronauts can live and work normally.

As the skeleton of the camp, the sulfur concrete plays a role in supporting, protecting and fixing.

The camp regularly analyzes space radiation, solar high-energy ion activity, etc., predicts and tracks it, and arranges the activities of astronauts.

And the use of a variety of fiber composite fabrics, with good softness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, combustion resistance to the spacesuit to reduce the damage of lunar dust or Martian dust to astronauts.

2.4 Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

Lunar camps will be equipped with corresponding volume tanks, can also be artificially made water, scientists use neutron spectrometer in the Clavi crater found in the concentration of about 100 to 400 percent, about equivalent to a cubic meter of lunar soil contains 0.34 kg of water, the moon’s crater contains water ice, we can distill these water ice, Made of pure water, it can also collect astronauts’ urine, sweat and water in space and treat it into clean drinking water through special water purification machines and recycle it.

The trace elements contained in the lunar soil are similar to the earth’s soil, but lack organic matter, so we choose hydroponics for planting vegetables, hydroponic nutrient solutions need to contain N, P, K, Ga, Mg, Mn plasma chelated nutrients required for plant growth, and the moon soil contains a variety of natural mineral species lead, copper, iron and other mineral particles, which can meet the needs of hydroponic nutrient solutions, in order to meet the needs of astronauts in space can also achieve meat collocation, nutritional balance, They will also be equipped with a variety of space food, and according to individual needs, “private customization” will be carried out to meet the diverse dietary needs of astronauts.

We can build an extremely large solar photovoltaic array on the moon, made of flexible crystalline silicon, which can automatically chase light according to the change of solar angle, and the bend of up to 100 degrees allows it to fold autonomously, and can gather a lot of sunlight to generate electricity. At the same time, we also made an energy collector, which was filled with ore soil, separated the extracted helium-3 from it, and pumped hot gas from the fine mouth to blow the separated gaseous helium-3 into the opposite pipe, and collected and utilized at the same time, which was convenient for the full use of helium-3 fuel and used as energy.

The use of lunar soil to prepare oxygen, there is a large amount of silica, ferrous oxide, aluminum oxide, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and titanium dioxide and other oxygen-containing substances, the use of melting electrolysis, the heating of these substances to 1600 to 2500 degrees Celsius, it will be energized, at this time, the various elements in the lunar soil will be electrolyzed out, there will be oxygen ions in the period, the oxygen ions that are electrolyzed out will combine with each other on their own, Oxygen is formed. At the same time, we also made oxygen supply equipment to transport high-pressure oxygen to various gas terminals, oxygen tubes, sleep pod and other equipment.

2.5 Explain what would be the main purpose of your Moon Camp.

The main purpose of the lunar camp is scientific and commercial.

(1) Develop lunar resources and promote technological progress. Astronauts can operate an energy collector in the camp master control room to extract helium-3 energy from lunar soil and ore, and convert energy into fuel use, and the camp is built in an area rich in water ice, research and development of water ice and helium-3 energy, which can help solve the problem of insufficient fuel on the earth and achieve scientific value.

(2) Satellite launch silos can also be used to launch rockets and satellites for other countries that have not yet mastered the technology to achieve commercial value.

3.1 Describe a day on the Moon for your Moon Camp astronaut crew.

At 6:00 the astronauts get up and can always call out to the robot if they need help, the robot can help you complete anything, and then put on the spacesuit.

At 6:30 Religious astronauts can go to the prayer room to pray, draw near to God, thank the Lord for giving a new day, and calm their hearts.

At 7:00 Eat breakfast in the room And eat hydroponic vegetables and meat, eggs, milk and other foods brought from the earth according to the recipes prepared by nutritionists to ensure that the astronauts are nutritionally balanced to ensure the normal intake of daily required elements.

At 8:00, the various circuits of the lunar camp began to be inspected, the extravehicular spacesuits were put on in each functional zone to see if the work was running correctly and orderly, and the power supply (the electricity created by the generator or solar power station brought from the earth) was replenished in time.

At 11:00, a call was made with the ground to report on the condition and work of the lunar camp.

At 12:00 the astronauts have lunch, and there are as many kinds of food as there are on Earth, and you can choose from.

At 13:00, astronauts can enter the living area, take off their spacesuits, enter the sleeping capsule, and take a lunch break.

At 14:30 Conduct a space radiation analysis and predict the analysis, make a report on the state of radiation in space, and assume that in the event of strong solar activity, astronauts need to enter the camp and use the shell to protect them from radiation.

16:30 Last 1 hours of physical training to prevent muscle atrophy and bone calcium loss leading to osteoporosis and other diseases.

At 18:00 Astronauts can use the “full chain depression rehabilitation service system” mini program for mental health tests, so as not to feel anxious in the boring and dull space life, and then psychological problems.

At 19:00, we will have dinner, and at 20:00, we will conduct scientific experiments and study the use of helium to check the status of satellite launches.

From 22:30 to 23:00, astronauts can have their own free time for leisure and entertainment.

At 23:00 Analyze today Analyze and reflect on what you are doing today, read tomorrow’s work instructions, and plan for tomorrow’s work.

At 23:40, Rest and sleep.

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