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Pioneers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Pioneers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Pioneers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Pioneers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Fusion 360. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: Whoop

郑州轻工业大学附属中学  河南省郑州市    China 19   4 / 0
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Project description

Our lunar camp takes scientific research as the first priority, and develops business development on this basis. The camp can be self-sufficient and can deliver materials to the earth. It supports the development of our camp on the basis of honeycomb structure, and builds a modular approach. To minimalism, the space utilization is the highest and the camp fit is the greatest. At the same time, we apply the folding technology to the tetrahedral protective shell outside the camp, which has good stability and dangerous situations. The protective shell is closed to isolate the camp from the outside world. The safety factor of the camp is greatly increased. We have various modules, which ensure the survival needs of astronauts and engineers. At the same time, we conduct different experiments in the camp, and develop scientific research step by step. Follow private entrepreneurs through his support , maintain and accelerate our scientific research, form a positive feedback mechanism, support an orbiting space station in the scientific research of the late moon camp, missions to explore Mars and the outer solar system can receive supplies, and it is more likely to send objects into the moon than on the earth Orbital, and cheaper, means colonizing Mars could be from our camp on the moon

Original Text:
我们月球营地以科研为先,在此基础上开展业务发展,营地可以自给自足,可以向地球运送物资,支持我们营地在蜂窝结构的基础上发展,构建模块化的方式,在材料使用条件下做到极简主义, 空间利用率最高,营地契合度最大,同时,我们将折叠技术应用于营地外的四面体保护外壳,稳定性好,及其危险情况,封闭保护外壳,使营地与外界隔离,大大增加了营地的安全系数,我们有各种模块,这些模块保证了宇航员和工程师的生存需求, 我们同时在营地进行不同的实验,科研发展一步一个脚印,跟着民营企业家,通过他的支持,维持和加速我们的科研,形成正反馈机制,在晚月阵营的科研中支持一个轨道空间站,探索火星和外太阳系的任务可以接受补给, 在月球上比在地球上更有可能将物体送入轨道,而且更便宜,意味着殖民地火星可能从我们在月球上的营地

2.1 Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

Through a comprehensive consideration of all aspects, we will build our lunar base around the Malapult Mountains at the south pole of the moon, the reason is that we can get permanent sunlight here, and there are water ice in the surrounding craters, which solves our energy The problem of shortage and lack of water, where we can also avoid more extreme temperature differences, through the height of Malaput Hill and the low temperature in the crater, we can help us to make better astronomical observations, conduct scientific research, which It is undoubtedly very important for scientific research on the moon. If done right, the camp can even act as a radio repeater.

Original Text:
通过各方面的综合考虑,我们将在月球南极的马拉普尔特山周围建立我们的月球基地,原因是我们可以在这里获得永久的阳光,周围的陨石坑中有水冰,这解决了我们能源短缺和缺水的问题,在这里我们也可以避免承受更极端的温差, 通过马拉普特山的高度和陨石坑中的低温,我们可以帮助我们更好地进行天文观测,进行科学研究,这对月球科学研究无疑是非常重要的。如果处理得当,营地甚至可以作为无线电中继站。

2.2 How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe the techniques, materials and your design choices.

The moon dust has all the raw material ingredients to produce concrete, we sift the organics in the moon dust and use it to build buildings, technically we use 3D printing and are able to produce almost everything needed for moon migration, we use 3D printing The technology involves an efficient printing method that mixes lunar materials with magnesium oxide (still available on the moon) as a building material, and then prints this building material into a rock-like solid with a binding salt. Print out a small villa, a small building in a day and complete it in a week.

Original Text:
月球尘埃拥有生产混凝土的所有原材料成分,我们筛选月球尘埃中的有机物并用它来建造建筑物,从技术上讲,我们使用3D打印,能够生产月球迁移所需的几乎所有东西,我们使用的3D打印技术包含一种高效的打印方法,将月球材料与氧化镁(在月球上仍然可用)混合作为建筑材料, 然后用粘结盐将这种建筑材料打印成石状固体,使用这种方法,可以在一天内打印出一座小别墅,一座小建筑,并在一周内完成。

2.3 The environment on the Moon is very dangerous for the astronauts. Explain how your Moon Camp will protect them. (maximum 150 words)

The building produced by the material can isolate radiation and keep the temperature, and at the same time have a certain stability, because of our protective shell device, I have encountered a big disaster, even if we can still protect the astronauts from the outside world by folding the shell, isolating the camp On the basis of the interior, we have complete living facilities and a gym to help the space overcome space diseases

Original Text:
通过材料生产的建筑物可以隔离辐射并能保持温度,同时具有一定的稳定性,因为我们的保护壳装置,我遇到了很大的灾难,即使我们仍可以通过折叠壳,隔离营地与外界保护宇航员,在内部的基础上我们拥有完善的生活设施, 并配备健身房,助力空间克服空间病

2.4 Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

We are equipped with special mining caused by heating the water ice water at the beginning, then via our water purifiers are multiple purification, water ultimately stored in our water tower, water tower can supply for us in the form of redundancy, our water circulation system can also collect the astronaut body sweat urine life waste water, through purification to be used by us again

There is a large area of plant area in the camp, the main food is potatoes, lettuce, etc., potatoes yield 3000 to 5000 pounds per acre, twice a year, potatoes 81 calories per 100 grams, we ensure the intake of astronauts’ food through this similar calculation to maintain health, our plant system adopts an aerosol culture method that is easy to plant on a large scale and automatically cultivates

In order to ensure a non-stop supply of energy, we have solar panel power and hydrogen fuel cells, through the permanent light zone rich in light energy, solar panel power can maintain the demand of the camp, in the moon night, our hydrogen fuel cell will replace the solar panel power supply

We use the melting electrolysis lunar soil method combined with the method of plant circulation to supply oxygen. The melting electrolysis method heats and melts the lunar soil or rock for electrolysis, and oxygen is released from the melt. Usually, when heated to 1600-2500 degrees, the oxygen-containing rock mass can decompose and produce oxygen

2.5 Explain what would be the main purpose of your Moon Camp.

The theme of our camp is scientific research, on the basis of scientific research, we will also develop business, we will use our unique terrain advantages to develop astronomical research, and at the same time study the minerals on the moon, etc. This research can not only develop science, but also It can attract some private entrepreneurs. With their support, we will have more funds to carry out scientific research and form positive feedback

Original Text:
我们营地的主题是科学研究,在科学研究的基础上,我们也会发展业务,我们将利用我们独特的地形优势发展天文研究,同时研究月球上的矿物等,这种研究不仅可以发展科学,还可以吸引一些民营企业家,在他们的支持下, 我们将有更多的资金开展科研,形成积极的反馈

3.1 Describe a day on the Moon for your Moon Camp astronaut crew.

Checking the safety of the camp data over and over again in the camp detection system, in the morning, after a night’s rest in the comfortable bedroom, Regis opened his eyes, the bedroom side is the wash module, so he doesn’t need to spend too much After that, he will have breakfast with other astronauts in the kitchen. In general, they will chat during the meal, and the atmosphere will be relaxed and pleasant. If there are special circumstances, everyone will go to the meeting after dinner. At the same time, the meeting room can communicate with the earth, so that problems can always be solved, and then St. Regis will work in his own workspace like other astronauts, working on plant cultivation, astronomical observation, biological research, etc., St. Regis In charge of astronomical observations, he will use the equipped space telescope to observe the space, obtain a lot of useful information, and continue to develop astronomical research through their analysis. On the one hand, it is to prevent space diseases. On the other hand, St. Regis has liked to exercise since childhood, and the camp also treats other astronauts to satisfy his hobbies. Of course, St. Regis can also go to the reading module or the entertainment and relaxation module to relax himself. Immerse yourself in the sea of ​​books, or enjoy the game, it is entirely up to Regis himself, in the end, Regis will do the night’s hygiene, and then go back to the warm bedroom to sleep, in the dream, Regis dreams of people Life is better because of everyone’s efforts.

Original Text:
在营地检测系统中一遍又一遍地检测营地数据是否安全,到了早上的时间,在舒适的卧室里休息了一夜后,瑞吉睁开眼睛,卧室一侧是洗漱模块,所以他不需要花费太多的时间和体力来完成早晨的卫生, 之后他会和其他宇航员在厨房里吃早餐,一般情况下,他们在用餐时会聊天,气氛轻松愉快,如果有特殊情况,大家会在晚饭后去会议室讨论,同时,会议室可以与地球交流,这样, 总是能够解决问题,然后瑞吉会像其他宇航员一样,在自己的工作空间工作,工作植物栽培,天文观测,生物研究等,瑞吉负责天文观测,他会用配备的太空望远镜观察太空,获得大量有用的信息,通过他们的分析,不断发展天文研究, 不知不觉中,时间到了晚上,瑞吉此时会去健身模块锻炼,一方面是为了预防太空疾病,另一方面,瑞吉从小就喜欢健身,而营地里也一样对待其他宇航员,满足自己的爱好,当然瑞吉也可以去阅读模块或娱乐放松模块放松自己, 选择让自己沉浸在书的海洋中,还是享受游戏带来的乐趣,完全取决于瑞吉自己,最后,瑞吉会做晚上的卫生,然后回到温暖的卧室睡觉,在梦中,瑞吉梦想着人们的生活因为大家的努力而变得更好。

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