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Pioneers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Pioneers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Pioneers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Pioneers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Fusion 360. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: Lightbringer

郑州轻工业大学  河南省郑州市    China 19, 19   12 / 2
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Project description

Our lunar camp is a camp for scientific research and mobile exploration of the moon. Its purpose is to explore more available lunar resources. Mainly a movable cabin, the cabin is divided into four layers, namely the scientific research cabin, the life cabin, the plant cabin, and the escape cabin. Most of the scientific research equipment is small and highly mobile, which mainly serves the movable cabin.

2.1 Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

Our lunar camp has no fixed location. Because the distribution of lunar resources is not uniform, our mission is scientific research and resource exploration. The advantage of the mobile base is that it is highly mobile, not limited to the scientific research of a resource area, and can be comprehensively explored and comprehensively studied, so that the lunar resources can be discovered, developed and utilized to the greatest extent.

2.2 How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe the techniques, materials and your design choices.

On Earth, the outer structure of the entire capsule is built and transported by a launch vehicle. The construction materials of the cabin intend to use silicon carbide particles reinforced composite materials, which have a strong ability to withstand the space environment, ultraviolet radiation, ion radiation, high vacuum and other lunar surface environments have little sound to it, the use temperature is higher, can withstand the lunar surface high and low temperature alternating environment, material properties anisotropy is not obvious and other characteristics, silicon carbide particles reinforced aluminum matrix composites in the comprehensive mechanical properties of the general metal materials have also been improved to a certain extent. Meet the demanding requirements of aerospace. Carbon fiber/epoxy composites for internal construction, which have low density, high modulus and strength compared to metal materials

High degree, small wire expansion coefficient, material designability and other advantages, especially its high specific modulus value is very spacecraft structural material requirements at the same time transported a movable 3D printer (3D printing vehicle) and equipped with a robotic arm carrier vehicle, improve construction capacity and handling efficiency.

2.3 The environment on the Moon is very dangerous for the astronauts. Explain how your Moon Camp will protect them. (maximum 150 words)

For temperatures, there will be heating devices to heat them, and exercises can also be performed to drive away the cold. The material of the cabin is also made of high and low temperature resistant, radiation resistant material. The hatch also adopts the structure of a sealed room so that the interior of the cabin is not exposed to air, so that the pressure and oxygen are at a level of human adaptation. Taking into account the radiation, meteorites and high temperatures on the moon, in addition to the material of the module to avoid some dangers, it is also equipped with equipment to detect fluctuations to alert astronauts.

2.4 Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

1. Extract from solid water (ice), use a mirror to reflect sunlight to melt the ice to capture water vapor or install a stove directly on the excavator.
2. Plants produce condensate by transpiration and evaporation, which is recycled.
3. Get some water on some nearby asteroids.
4. Bring it up from earth.

Bring some dry food from Earth that can be used and is highly satiety. It can be temporarily dealt with for a period of time, with potatoes, kale, tomatoes, wheat and other seeds in the plant cabin of the lunar camp to be cultivated, and when they mature, there will be edible food. However, meat and other foods need to be obtained from the earth.

Solar panels are used to obtain electrical energy, and an electrolyzer is used to electrolyze liquid water to obtain oxygen and hydrogen, and fuel is used to make fuel. It is also possible to study the fossil fuels that can be used in lunar soils and rocks for extraction and manufacturing. Also carry a certain number of fuel cells from Earth.

Electrolyzing water to obtain oxygen, can also extract oxygen from minerals and lunar soil. Plants can also absorb carbon dioxide exhaled by people and release oxygen for human use, thus circulating. Of course, it is also necessary to bring the necessary oxygen cylinders in case of emergency.

2.5 Explain what would be the main purpose of your Moon Camp.

The main purpose of the lunar camps established is science, as the moon is rich in minerals and available fuels as well as a large amount of energy. And it is also more convenient for researching and cultivating space plants. The soil and rocks on the moon also contain a lot of rare metals, and after learning more about the moon, it is also well prepared for scientists to explore Mars.

3.1 Describe a day on the Moon for your Moon Camp astronaut crew.

The astronauts were divided into two groups, one for work, the other for rest, and two for a shift to replace.

During the day, one astronaut prepares food and cooks while it is time to eat, and the rest of the time, one goes out to collect samples of the substance to be studied, and two are used to study the samples. One remains in the research cabin and communicates with the Earth at any time, and each astronaut is equipped with a walkie-talkie to communicate in time if there is any problem. In addition, there is also a person left to observe the life of the plant cabin plants and to ensure that the power level, machinery and equipment are in the right condition to work. At the same time, in their free time, each astronaut should exercise and socialize.

Then, in the evening, the first batch of astronauts all went to the conference room for the meeting, and then made an information report, summarized and reported to today’s day, the person in charge summarized the day’s work, and when the latest achievements in scientific research were found, they reported to the earth headquarters in time. After that, he contacted his family to maintain his mental and physical health, and finally began to wash and sleep. Then, in shift, another group of astronauts first checked the summaries and reports of the first astronauts and their information records for the day, and then began to work on new work or continue the work progress of the first astronauts.

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