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Pioneers gallery 2022 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Pioneers gallery 2022

Moon Camp Pioneers Gallery 2021-2022

In Moon Camp Pioneers each team’s mission is to 3D design a complete Moon Camp using Fusion 360. They also have to explain how they will use local resources, protect astronauts from the dangerous of space and describe the living and working facilities.

Team: DinozauriSRL

Liceul Teoretic Emil Racovită Baia Mare  Baia Mare    Romania 15, 16   2 / 0
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Project description

The COLOSSUS is a giant machine capable of sustaining a 4 men crew and move to any location and surface thanks to its mecanum wheels. Its fuselage is made from titanium and it can witstand a meteor crash from 500 meters away with minimal damage.It comes with an integrated bedrooom, a lab, a storage area, a workshop, a nuclear powered reactor, a greenhouse, an algee container for oxigen and fitness room and a trade shuttle.The crew will be changed once at 5 years.

2.1 Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?

The moon camp will be assembled where the main shuttle will land, in a crater, preferably with a water deposit in close proximity. We chose this location because the flat area of the crater will make the assembly of the COLOSSUS quicker and easier, with little room for mistakes. The water deposit would be a big advantage because it could be used to create oxygen, and it is a fundamental resource.


2.2 How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe the techniques, materials and your design choices.

In the first phase, cargo pods will land at the designated landing spot, then a transport shuttle with pioneers will land near the cargo pods and will start building the Colossus. The transport pods will land with room prefabs and pieces of the outer shell. The 3 engineers will assemble the machine while the team of researchers will scout the area for landmarks and potential points of interest. After the initial assembly, the transport shuttle will be recycled into a trade shuttle which will swap raw resources and research samples for spare parts, water and food.




2.3 The environment on the Moon is very dangerous for the astronauts. Explain how your Moon Camp will protect them. (maximum 150 words)

The COLOSSUS contains a pressurized environment able to contain the oxygen and thus the atmospheric pressure needed to sustain human and plant life. The energy is generated using a nuclear reactor build in the rover itself, being able to power the entire rover and all its systems with ease. The passengers have to follow a fitness program to maintain their muscles and the density of their bones, as the low gravity of the moon will have harsh effects on them. The COLOSSUS also has an artificial gravity system to make the work and maintenance of the machinery easier, since it works using magnetic boots on a metal floor. For expeditions on the surface of the moon, the COLOSSUS is equipped with special spacesuits designed to withstand the conditions.


2.4 Explain how your Moon Camp will provide the astronauts with:

During the first phase, we will use the initial water container we brought. When these resources will be depleted, we will use the trade shuttle to bring water.

In the exploration phase (second phase) we will search for water deposits and extract and purify them into usable water.

During the first phase we will consume the food we brought with us and get more from the trade shuttle when we run out.

During the second phase we will grow food from the greenhouses we have on the COLOSSUS. We can also synthesise plant matter into meat for a balanced diet.

We will use the nuclear power plant integrated in the COLOSSUS to provide power.
Its fuel rods will be changed every 20 years.
We will use the trade shuttle to get more rods over time.

We will get air from the algae installed in the COLOSSUS. The oxygen will be mixed with the carbon generated by our crew to create a mixture similar to air that is safe to breathe for a long-term journey.

2.5 Explain what would be the main purpose of your Moon Camp.

 The purpose of the expedition is mainly scientific, to learn more about the moon, and to help us undertake expeditions further into the solar system. There is also a commercial purpose, because we plan to sell some of the materials we bring back on Earth, and with the money we raise, to help space research.

3.1 Describe a day on the Moon for your Moon Camp astronaut crew.

 A day on the COLOSSUS: The crew will live by a 24-hour program, waking up at 7:00 AM, and having breakfast at 7:30 AM. At 9:00 AM the regular work will begin, starting with the maintenance of the equipment. After the maintenance procedure, they will start the usual fitness program at around 12:00 PM, and after they finish, they have free time until 3:00 PM, when they take lunch. After they finish eating, they will start the research and exploration activities. They will finish their jobs at around 7:00 PM, and after that they will have free time till 9:00 PM before going to bed.

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