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7-People Space Shuttle – Moon Camp Challenge
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7-People Space Shuttle

  • 7-People Space Shuttle
  • 7-People Space Shuttle
Date : 29/07/2020
City : Vancouver
Country : Canada
Age : 9 to 10 years old
Number of team members : 1
Space Travel Ticket By Candice The space shuttle is made of three main parts: the orbiter, the external tank, the solid rocket boosters. The orbiter part looks like an aeroplane, located in front of the other two parts. This shuttle is designed for your extraordinary vacation. It has 7-people capacity with 4 suites. The external tank is a large orange fuel tank, which is the biggest part of the rocket. The solid rocket boosters look like two thin rockets on both sides of the external tank, which provides the rocket the lift against Earth’s gravity. With the new technology, space shuttle can go with a speed of 17500 per hour. It is mostly made out of aluminium and aluminium composite, which are strong and lightweight compared to other spaceship material, though they are quite pricey. If you’d like to go on a trip to space, you can sign up ASAP first today because it’s so popular and limited.