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Empire – Moon Camp Challenge
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Date : 27/04/2020
School name : Nanshan Chinese International College , Malvern College HK
City : Shenzhen, Hong Kong
Country : China
Student's age : 11 to 12 years old
Number of team members : 3
Our goal in moon camp is to create a sustainable human habitat on the moon. We started with 3 members, but one member unfortunately quit. We tried to make the best base we could with the time and resources we had.We built our camp in a crater in the equator. It provides shelter from radiation and the days last 6 months, enough to charge up our solar panels and prepare for the night. Craters are also usually warmer than the moon’s surface. First, we will dig underground for our laboratory and bedrooms. This will be done by machines. After that, a dome and the airlock will be inserted on top. These will be made of durable glass. After that, Humans will move in and plant the vegetables.