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Gregor adn Michael – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery Lunar lander

Gregor adn Michael

  • Gregor adn Michael
Date : 04/05/2020
School name : Zespół Szkół Mechanicznych nr 1 w Krakowie
City : Kraków
Country : Poland
Student's age : 15 to 16 years old
Number of team members : 2
Task description. The lander spacecraft was created to resemble the Apollo 11 lander. 1.It was built of two basic stages, a descent stage and an ascent stage. 2.The descent stage would remain on lunar surface in order to limit the mass to be taken into space and to save fuel. 3.The lander’s propellant is to be a mix of liquid oxygen and hydrogen. 4.The lander should be equipped with 4 engines and should be able to continue working in case of one of the engines’ failure. 5.The lander is to be able to support the crew of 3 people. 6.The lander will be powered by fuel cells using liquid hydrogen and oxygen. 7.The lander is to be able to bring a maximum possible load to the lunar surface. 8.To protect the astronauts from radiation, the lander was equipped with a lead coating. 9.The lander is compatible with the Saturn V racket and will transport the maximum of 3 astronauts. From a scientific point of view such a lander would have a mass of about 35 tonnes and would take as much load as to enable the astronauts to fulfil a few days mission on the Moon. It would be of multiple use, which would make the flights to the Moon less expensive.