Mooncamp challenge
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Jan Adam Stepanek Univerzitni ZS Lvicata – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery Lunar lander

Jan Adam Stepanek Univerzitni ZS Lvicata

  • Jan Adam Stepanek Univerzitni ZS Lvicata
Date : 07/05/2020
School name : Univerzitní ZŠ Lvíčata
City : Praha 6
Country : Czech Republic
Student's age : 9 to 10 years old
Number of team members : 2
The lunar base is a base for settlers on the moon. It is designed for 2-4 astronauts. It has its own two small nuclear power plants and one solar power plant with many photovoltaic panels. An important part is a large telescope. Satellites orbit the base that look like Star Wars Tie fighters. Communication is provided by the receiver and transmitter. On a lunar base are spherical underground reservoirs of oxygen and energy. Only the overpressure chamber is visible from the underground foundation. I suppose there would be many such small bases on the Moon.