Mooncamp challenge
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Kosmiczne dzieciaki – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery Lunar rover

Kosmiczne dzieciaki

  • Kosmiczne dzieciaki
  • Kosmiczne dzieciaki
Date : 20/01/2020
School name : Planetarium Wenus
City : Zielona Gora
Country : Poland
Student's age : 9 to 10 years old
Number of team members : 2
Our group designed a moon rover “CAPACITY” to sustain life while moving around the Moon. It has shields against strong cosmic radiation and solar panels. Heaters and insulation are meant to protect both the person inside the rover and its electronics. Solar panels are capable of recharging rover’s on-board batteries – this feature makes it energetically self-sufficient. It is also equipped with recycled water container, so it fulfills zero waste concept. There is air supply and purifiers necessary to reach any destination up to 100 kilometers away. Additional devices include drilling instruments, precision pliers to collect and store interesting samples.