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Kraina Tworczosci – Team Zielonki School – Moon Camp Challenge
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Kraina Tworczosci – Team Zielonki School

  • Kraina Tworczosci – Team Zielonki School
Date : 07/05/2020
School name : Zielonki City School
City : Zielonki near Krakow
Country : Poland
Student's age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 2
The base has three medium-sized domes, in which there is room for people. Under the dome resembling a volcano, we can find devices for extracting water and raw materials. The passage from the middle dome leads in the middle to the panels supplying the entire base. Over the inscription POLAND in the left part we can see the whole mechanic and facility’s electrical system. In two square rooms, stocks are stored. There are three astrobots in the database that will gladly help in technical matters