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Long-Team1 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Date : 01/02/2020
School name : Garden Spot Middle School
City : New Holland
Country : United States
Student's age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 2
We made an Astronauts Quarters and it has a force field around it. The force field is temperature-controlled and protects you from all the elements outside. We have a garden outside of the house and we are currently growing blue watermelons. Then we have our house with a staircase to get to the roof where there is a bed and that is where you sleep and you can see all of the outside world. We also have one big solar panel which provides us power for the force field, Temperature, Water pump, Water exacter, Kitchen, and etc. Then inside the house, we have a dinner table and a kitchen. Lastly, we have a water extractor that extracts the water from the planet and we have a water pump to pump it up to the kitchen and the plants.