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Date : 24/01/2020
City : Mońki
Country : Poland
Student's age : 15 to 16 years old
Number of team members : 5
Our project presents a residential module, which is divided into two levels – one underground, and the other above the ground, each level consisting of compartments. There are two bedrooms on the underground level, where each bedroom is to be shared by two people. On the same level, there is also the aquaponics, which is supposed to produce oxygen and food for the astronauts, on condition that the fish will be regularly fed. It needs to be built underground because the temperature on the moon can change dramatically. As a method of purifying sewage, there is also a sewage treatment plant underground making use of biological processes based on the involvement of several varieties of microorganisms and the help of aquatic plants, so-called hydrophytes, existing in specifically designed pits filled with their deposits, which in turn can be flooded with wastewater or sewage on either temporary or permanent basis.The most frequently used plant for growing in such type of structure is the cosmopolitan common reed. On the level above there is an exit leading outside as well as a gym with basic equipment, a small storeroom with essential food supplies and a bathroom. To move between the floors, in the middle of the module, there is a ladder with small holes, which can provide oxygen supply. The solar panels located on the roof are there to provide the power source.