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Date : 19/04/2020
School name : Orchids The International School
City : Bengaluru
Country : India
Student's age : 9 to 10 years old
Number of team members : 2
Astronaut Quarters: We want to build the quarters using 3D printer.The raw material used will be the regolith and polymer so that we can utilise the local resource as much as possible. 1. The basic need water will be extracted from the ice, which will be purified and stored in the tank. 2. For food we have green house where we can grow the food required 3. The Base for the people is done underground to protect them from the moon atmosphere 4. we have a common utility which can be utilized for day to day activities  from gym, to research lab etc. 5. For power we can have dedicated solar generation, which can be placed near the poles to utilize the light which is always available and solar panels mounted on the every structure so that they generate the energy required by the structure itself and when more is required from the common generation point. 6. The Used water is recycled and utilised like in ISS International space station 7. The oxygen required will be generate from water  and another by product Hydrogen can be utilised has fuel for rockets and people needs 8.The solar energy is then stored in fuel cells which when fully recharged can last upto 17 days