Mooncamp challenge
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MR Moon Base #1 – Moon Camp Challenge
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Moon base

MR Moon Base #1

  • MR Moon Base #1
Date : 16/07/2020
City : Frankfurt
Country : Germany
Age : 9 to 10 years old
Number of team members : 1
In my moon base there are six different parts. The first part is the main part: the living area. In the living area there are arcade games, tables, couches, lamps, art, beds and house plants. In the second part: the rover, rocket and lander area where we have the three tips of the vehicle. The third part: the storage area is where we store our water bottles. The fourth part: the green house is where we grow our food. The fifth part is: where we swim in a swimming pool. And last but not least is the sixth part: the airlock. There is also artificial gravity.