Mooncamp challenge
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Multi-purpose Lunar Rover – Moon Camp Challenge
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Lunar rover

Multi-purpose Lunar Rover

  • Multi-purpose Lunar Rover
  • Multi-purpose Lunar Rover
  • Multi-purpose Lunar Rover
Date : 04/08/2020
City : Vancouver
Country : Canada
Age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 1
Designed by: Tommy Chen Due to the particularity of the moon, it is necessary to consider that it is used when manufacturing a lunar rover, it is robust and versatile. The lunar rover is not only equipped with black solar panels on the top and on the sides. Its, wheels are specially designed for the rough terrain on the moon with hydraulic shock system. From the top a mechanical arm that connects to a hand or a drill for taking samples from the surface of the moon. On the bottom are various detection devices to learn more about the moon. Astronauts get inside from an elevator positioned at the rear of the lunar rover so that oxygen can be kept inside. There is also a radar on top to transmit with people back on Earth and it can let them control the rover.