Mooncamp challenge
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Podróżniczki – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery Lunar rover


  • Podróżniczki
Date : 07/05/2020
School name : Szkoła Podstawowa im. J. Korczaka w Józefosławiu
City : Józefosław
Country : Poland
Student's age : 11 to 12 years old
Number of team members : 2
Moon Rover “Wanderer” (Wanderer). Łazik comes from Józefosław. He was called “Wanderer”. It is unmanned. It is equipped with wheels thanks to which it can move on the surface of the moon. When he encounters an obstacle, he uses his arms to move or move over the obstacle. The rover catches unique stones with them, which it collects into a container and transports to a research station. He also takes strangers whom he puts in a special container. Increases its service life thanks to solar panels. In a chest located on the back, DNA samples collected from all life forms encountered are stored. The rover uses two antennas to catch the signal. Between them is navigation in the form of binoculars.