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sopka – Moon Camp Challenge
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Date : 24/03/2020
School name : ZŠ Štefcova
City : Hradec Králové
Country : Czech Republic
Student's age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 4
Our base will consist of three domes. The largest of the domes will be the headquarters of the entire building. It will have two floors. There will be a research room on the upper floor with computers and other instruments. These devices will be used to capture the signal and solar energy. On the lower floor there will be an entrance to the base, a bathroom and a platform that acts as an elevator to the underground part of the base. From the central part of the surface, two tunnels will lead to the remaining dome. One will be on the far side and the other on the far side of the moon. The dome on the far side will be used to observe the stars. The second dome will be for growing and preserving food. There will be a panel for capturing solar energy. There will be two floors in the underground part. To get astronauts underground and back in the tunnel between the surface above and below the surface of the platform. There will be two floors in the underground. The upper one will have a dining room and a living room. In the lower turn gym and sleeping room.