Mooncamp challenge
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Team Kallisto – Moon Camp Challenge
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Team Kallisto

  • Team Kallisto
Date : 06/05/2020
School name : Weidigschule Butzbach
City : Butzbach
Country : Germany
Student's age : 15 to 16 years old
Number of team members : 2
Moon camp challange In my opinion our moon camp is pretty self explaining, but there are some features, that need to be mentioned. Around the whole camp are solar panels placed to “deliver“ our energy. Our pyramid is hollow inside and seperated in four floors. To save space, doors are opening upwords. Most of it is unterground. The overground part is build out of special glass to protect from the UV-rays and Solar flares. To grow plants on the top floor, you can darken the room to prevent them from drying up. The lowest floor contains our water treatment plant.