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The Lunar Nxtbase – Moon Camp Challenge
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Moon base

The Lunar Nxtbase

  • The Lunar Nxtbase
  • The Lunar Nxtbase
  • The Lunar Nxtbase
  • The Lunar Nxtbase
  • The Lunar Nxtbase
  • The Lunar Nxtbase
Date : 08/08/2020
City : Vancouver
Country : Canada
Age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 1
Designed by Chen   Overview of the NxtBase: Lunar NxtBase is the next-generation base on the moon. The first floor consists of a garage, a power machine that supplies energy over the whole base, and an attached greenhouse for astronauts to discover life on the moon. There are also four 360 degree large solar panels installed outside the base to gather more energy from the sun. The second floor covers the astronaut’s dormitory, gym, laboratory and studio. The equipment in the gym is specially made for astronauts to exercise to maintain a robust body. The completion of the laboratory provides data and feasibility analysis for astronauts to understand whether the moon is suitable for long-term human habitation. The dormitory provides the best resting place for each astronaut and provides some personal-belongings- storage-areas. The studio is the main room and is a space used to communicate with the Earth, as well as daily work arrangements and assignments.