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The miraculous – Moon Camp Challenge
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The miraculous

  • The miraculous
Date : 04/02/2020
School name : Scoala Gimnaziala 'Vasile Lucaciu'
City : Apa
Country : Romania
Student's age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 3
In this project we tried to design a spatial base and its interior.We imagined the monthy base as having 5 rooms.After that we made the interior of the rooms where astronauts will stay and will investigate the moon. At first everything seemed like something children did in primary schools but after a while it started to take shape and something very successful came out. At the beginning of the interior, we thought it was quite a difficult task but after the first room we got used to the relocation and the location of the object in the respective rooms of the base.We hope you will like our work.