Mooncamp challenge
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The Sereti Team – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery Astronauts quarters

The Sereti Team

  • The Sereti Team
Date : 29/01/2020
School name : Anatolia College of Thessaloniki
City : Thessaloniki
Country : Greece
Student's age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 2
The Aerospace project, represents the Astronaut quarters. There is one building as their house, which includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom and panels on the roof (these help providing the astronauts solar energy for their needs). The next building is connected to the house with a bridge. It is a place for their labs and computer work. There is also an antenna so that they can communicate with Earth easily. Next to it, there is a gym. As the astronauts can go on a simple walk on the Moon, they have to own at least a gym to do their daily work out, since it’s necessary for their health. We also added a greenhouse, so that they can grow some plants which provide them food. As you can see, in every building there is an oxygen supply which connects with a pipe with every building’s interior. It provides them oxygen, as it is the most important thing for their living. When these supplies are out of oxygen, people can communicate with Earth and ask for new ones to replace them.