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Thunder Space – Moon Camp Challenge
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Thunder Space

  • Thunder Space
Date : 19/05/2020
School name : Escola Camins
City : Banyoles
Country : Spain
Student's age : 11 to 12 years old
Number of team members : 2
There are different modules.   These are: – Two entrance and exit modules, where clothes are kept to go outside, with an intermediate room. – Laboratories module. Equipped with an electron microscope, plant, biological and mineral experiments are performed. There is a toilet. – Farm module. The central module that serves to grow vegetables to eat. – Kitchen and dining room module. – Control and nursing module. Controls communications, oxygen, water and electricity machines, a space for the doctor, and toilet. – Warehouse and gym module. – Sleeping places are distributed throughout the base. – Water, oxygen and electricity machines are located outside.