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Universe Adventurer – Moon Camp Challenge
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Discovery Lunar rover

Universe Adventurer

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Date : 25/03/2020
School name : Qinghua Elementary School
City : Shanghai,Qingpu
Country : China
Student's age : 9 to 10 years old
Number of team members : 2
It is a no-man-controlled rover, it was controlled by its AI. On the top is its solar panels, two arms can help it to do some complex missons, in front of the arms and on the bottom of the body are clips and drills, which can help it carry stones, ice blocks, sands .Behind the body is forward booster,which can push it go forward. Beside the body has 6 balance booster , control their power to balance the body. And there are two groups of vertical booster to give it power to jump and escape from deep pit. Four legs like four-leg animals, we think nature is the best creator , imitate the form of animals’ moving is the best and the most agile way to move.