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VOJA Team – Moon Camp Challenge
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Date : 06/05/2020
School name : ZŠ Roudnice nad Labem
City : Roudnice nad Labem
Country : Czech Republic
Student's age : 13 to 14 years old
Number of team members : 2
Our Moon base is called Columbia to tribute the discoverer Christopher Columbus and the space shuttle Columbia which has crashed in 2003. There was an Israel astronaut Ilan Ramon on board who carried the drawing of Czechoslovak boy Petr Ginz who died in concentration camp Auschwitz during II. world war. Our 6 members crew which will stay in this camp for 6 months would like to bring this drawing on the lunar surface and finish this picture’s journey. Most of the base will be constructed underground so we can protect our crew against the unhostal environment of the outer space.