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VýfuCzech – Moon Camp Challenge
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  • VýfuCzech
Date : 07/05/2020
School name : Gymnázium Jana Keplera
City : Praha 6
Country : Czech Republic
Student's age : 11 to 12 years old
Number of team members : 2
Lunar Base While we were creating our lunar base, we tried to think of everything. From essentials such as sources of energy to the total harmony of the color scheme. Now we will shortly introduce the base. For reasons that we will mention later our base can be found on the North Pole of the Moon. First, ice can be found underground near the poles and our base will use this water. Second, there is always daylight on the poles and this is crucial for solar energy collection and the successful growth of plants. You might ask us how we will provide oxygen. It comes from two different sources. The first source is electrolysis and the second source are the plants growing in the greenhouse. The plants are also our source of nutrition. Now let’s look at the living quarters of the astronauts. We offer two comfortable matraces that even come with a small plush animal. We were also concerned with the muscle loss caused by the gravity. The base comes with a fitness room equipped with wall bars, stepper machine, gymnastic balls and a pommel horse. There is also a water and food storage room and a luxury bathroom with a separate toilet. The base will feature an amazing dome. On the ground floor there will be the above mentioned water storage and you will find a spacious living room on the first floor. The living room is furnished with a table and comfortable chair. There is a working area with computers, water pump, oven and last, but not least, a fridge. This is how the moon base will be built. First, robots will be sent to the moon to transform moon rocks into material suitable for 3D printing. Our base will therefore be printed on the Moon. Colors of the moon base have been chosen for their harmonizing and relaxing qualities.