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Wilczyce – Moon Camp Challenge
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Date : 29/01/2020
School name : Szkola Podstawowa nr 16
City : Wroclaw
Country : Poland
Student's age : 11 to 12 years old
Number of team members : 2
On the ground floor on two sides of the entrance there are two flower pots. On the right is the couch in front of the couch is the television. There is a lamp on the right side of the sofa. On the left side of the room are large pink stairs to the first floor. On the first floor next to the stairs is a large tall lamp. Next to the lamp is a brown wardrobe with black handles. Opposite the wardrobe is a white table. On the right is a little bit further a balcony with glass balustrades. On the right is a bed and next to the bed are large pink stairs to the second floor to the kitchen. The kitchen has a table with chairs. On the left side of the table is a countertop with a sink, dishwasher and oven, and above them is a large cabinet. Next to the stairs are another stairs to the third floor. On the next floor there is a bathroom. On the right stairs there is a bath tub next to it is a towel. Opposite is the toilet and sink. Upstairs is a roof with a device for telecommunications with the Earth.