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Moon Camp Explorers Report template – Moon Camp Challenge
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Шаблон звіту Moon Camp Explorers

Please complete your submission in your language of choice, for judging purposes your project will be automatically translated to English. You have just landed on the Moon. It is a very harsh environment. But you discover that there are some natural resources that you can use on different locations on the lunar surface, such as water ice, regolith (lunar soil) and sunlight. You now have to make some decisions about your Moon Camp.

Section 1 – Your Moon Camp

Tell us more about your Moon Camp.

  1.  Write a short summary of the project. (Max 200 words).
  2.  Why do your astronaut want to go to the Moon and build a Moon Camp? (Max 150 words).

Section 2 – Building your Moon Camp

Astronauts have visited the surface of the Moon only 6 times. There is still so much to discover.

  1. a) Where do you want to build your Moon Camp?
    • Впритул до місячного екватора
    • На далекому боці Місяця
    • Місячні лавові трубки
    • Кратер Шеклтона
    • Other _______________
  1. b) Why did you choose this location? (Max 100 words).
  2. How do you plan to build your Moon Camp? Describe how you can use the Moon’s natural resources, and which materials you would need to bring from Earth. (Max 200 words).

Section 3 – Living on the Moon

The Moon’s environment is very harsh and dangerous to astronauts. A Moon base needs to provide protection against radiation, meteorites, extreme temperatures, and the vacuum of space.

  1. How does your Moon Camp protect and provide shelter to your astronauts against the Moon’s harsh environment. (Max 200 words).
  2. On the Moon, resources are very scarce, but during long Moon missions, astronauts cannot rely on resupply missions from the Earth. Explain how your Moon Camp will provide astronauts with sustainable access to basic needs like water, food, air and power.(Max 200 words).

Section 4 – Life as an Astronaut

Europe is collaborating with the United States, Japanese and Canadian Space Agencies (NASA, JAXA and CSA) to return astronauts to the Moon by 2030 through the Artemis missions. In preparation for this, the European Space Agency is training astronauts in analogue missions on Earth to prepare them for future Moon exploration missions.

  1. What would you include in your astronaut training programme, to help prepare the astronauts for a Moon mission? (Max 200 words).

You can learn more about astronaut training in this video:

Section 5 – Upload your files

Because of data protection regulations the pictures should present only the project and not the team members.

  1. Upload at least one rendering or screen capture of the project as a .JPG or .PNG file.
  2. Upload your Tinkercad 3D model project. Provide the public link to the Tinkercad project with an Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA 3.0) license.

Section 6 – Other Content (optional)

You can use this section to share any other content relating to your project. This is an optional section of the report.

Because of data protection regulations the pictures should present only the project and not the team members.
  1. External URL to the team’s project (e.g. website or PDF file). Share a link if you created a website for your project or if you have written any article/document related with your project.
  2. Youtube Video Link. Share a link if you created a video or a multimedia presentation describing your project (e.g a virtual tour of your project).

Get Inspiration!

Below you’ll find a selection of ресурси to help you start your journey on the Moon Camp Explorers Challenge. For the full list of resources consult the Ресурси розділ.

Moon Camp Explorers Resources

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