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Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

Team: mariem abdelmoula

sfax    Tunisia Category: Moon base External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

An energy source that contains almost all the materials needed to build solar panels. Energy source: Flowing temperatures between 156 minus 121 plus
Especially for the extraction of oxygen and water by robots
1 The task is to create breathable air. Surprisingly, this is fairly easy because moon soil contains 42% oxygen, heat and electrical energy. This oxygen can be harvested by robots.2 2/3 hydrogen 1 /3 oxygen offers plenty of the first ingredient it does exist on the nasa confirmed
Surface in ice form rovers could find drill and gather this ice settlers would use this water fir drinking
(we can extract oxygen and hydrogen for rocket fuel)
3 (food) how we can plaint tree on the moon to got food it ‘s good that the soil of moon very sand that would rapidly erode away from plan’ t roots
But it also contains lots of toxic metals and other compounds harmful to plant grouwth
However, the experiments are here on earth with soil that mimics the mother
Lunar Dirt has shown promise by adding human manure to the soil that binds minerals and toxic compounds with nutrients and helps retain water. The only element a lunar settler needs from Earth is seeds and earthworms that restore organic matter to them and improve soil structure, making them pivotal in creating a sustainable lunar agricultural ecosystem

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