Moon Camp, next level!

Take on a new space explorer role with your team

Up to 19 years old

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Open worldwide

Rediscover the Moon Camp Challenge

The 2023-2024 edition is bringing you a new and enhanced Moon Camp Challenge! Take on a new space adventurer role with your team and design a habitat on the lunar surface or go beyond the Moon and explore other worlds in our Solar System.

Join the Moon Camp Challenge and design your project related to the human exploration of space in this more flexible and open format.

Your project can range from:

  • a scientific experiment
  • a hands-on project
  • a design of space infrastructures
  • a 3D design of an astronaut base
  • a 3D printed model
  • a virtual or augmented reality world

 … and much more!!

Select the topic and format that best fits your team and get creative!

All teams that submit a project will receive a participation certificate and will be invited to participate in a final online event with an ESA astronaut and space experts.

Moon Camp is a partnership between ESA (with its ESERO network) and the Airbus Foundation, in collaboration with Autodesk.

Learn more about life in space with ESA’s astronaut Andreas Mogensen!  #ISSCommandersLog 

Fast Facts

Level: beginners to advanced, your team chooses how complex the project will be

 Age range: up to (and including) 19 years old

 Language: language of their choice

 Submission format: Short description of the project, including supporting elements like for example images, or a video, or a 3D design object.

 Registrations: open from 21 September 2023 to 28 April 2024 (23:59 CEST).

 Final online event: May 2024, open to all the participants that submitted a project.

The projects can be viewed in the Project Gallery. All teams will receive a Moon Camp participation certificate once the project is uploaded.

How to start

Exploring space is about travelling farther and coming back with new experiences and knowledge to help us on Earth. Humankind will benefit from the new discoveries, ambitions, science, inspiration, and challenges.

When designing a space habitat teams need to adapt their design to the environment, consider the use of local resources and provide protection and living and working facilities for the astronauts.

Start your project
Plan your space habitat with your team and submit your project
Choose your space location
Decide where your habitat is going to be located in the Solar System
Choose your design tools and techniques
Decide how you would like to create your project

Learn more about the space environment

Prepare your students for their Moon Camp project with our useful educational resources. You can find 3D design tutorials for Tinkercad and Fusion 360, curricular classroom resources covering a wide range of STEM topics, videos with space experts, interesting moon animations and much more!

Resources are available in multiple languages, as well as closed captions for videos. 

Visit the Resources page to find out more.

Classroom Resources
PHOTO DATE:  03-18-22
LOCATION:  Bldg. 8, Room 183 - Photo Studio
SUBJECT:  Photograph official astronaut portrait of ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen in EMU.
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