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Create a team

Bring together a team of space explorers to create a space habitat for the astronauts of the future.  

Develop your project

Be creative! In this edition you can explore the Moon or other places in the Solar System. You can also develop several different types of projects.

Submit your project

The deadline for submissions is the 25 April 2024. Submit your project to receive a participation certificate and an invite to join the final event. All projects will be published in the Moon Camp Gallery.

Join the final event

A final online event open to all the participants will take place in May 2024. Save that date in your agenda. Join the other teams, an ESA astronaut and other Space experts.


To join the Moon Camp Challenge your team has to create a habitat for human space exploration.

In the future, to enable astronauts to stay on the Moon for long periods of time, new infrastructures must be developed to overcome important challenges. Such challenges include protection from radiation and meteorites, energy production, the extraction and recycling of water, food production and much more.

In this edition, the challenge has a new enhanced format that is more accessible and flexible for the participating teams. 

Your team can explore the Moon but also venture further into other locations in our Solar System. For some suggestions and extra information about planets and moons in our Solar System visit the Choose your Space Location page. 

Your team’s project can also be submitted in more formats than before, and be created using different tools and techniques.  These projects can range from scientific experiments, artistic or hands-on projects, design of space infrastructures, 3D printing models, virtual or augmented reality worlds and much more. For some suggestions of tools and techniques visit the Choose your Design Tool page. 

Fast Facts

Level: beginners to advanced, your team chooses how complex the project will be

 Age range: up to (and including) 19 years old

 Language: language of their choice

 Submission format: Short description of the project, including supporting elements like for example images, or a video, or a 3D design object.

 Registrations: open from 21 September 2023 to 25 April 2024.

 Final online event: May 2024, open to all the participants that submitted a project.

The projects can be viewed in the Project Gallery. All teams will receive a Moon Camp participation certificate once the project is uploaded.

Who can participate?

  • To participate in Moon Camp Challenge teams should be supported by a teacher, educator or parent. The project must be submitted by the teacher, educator or parent.
  • Participation in the Moon Camp Challenge is open worldwide* to teams of students aged up to 19 years old. Students attending a postsecondary/tertiary institution are not eligible to participate.
  • Teams are allowed to submit more than one project.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams a parent, teacher or educator and school or club can enter.
  • All teams that submit a compliant project within the deadline will receive a participation certificate and an invitation to attend the final online event.

* Moon Camp Challenge is open worldwide. In the framework of the current collaboration agreement between ESA and Airbus Foundation, if you apply from an ESA Member State*, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Lithuania or Latvia your team will have to fulfil the following extra conditions:

• At least 50% of team members must be citizens of an ESA Member State, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Lithuania or Latvia.

• Each team member must be:

‒ Enrolled in a full time primary or secondary school located in an ESA Member State, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Lithuania or Latvia

‒ or, be home-schooled (certified by the National Ministry of Education or delegated authority in an ESA Member State, Slovakia, Slovenia, Canada, Lithuania or Latvia)

‒ or, be a member of a club or after-school group, such as Science Club, Scouts or the like.

* ESA Member States in 2023: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Project submissions to the Moon Camp Challenge will be accepted from 21 September 2023 to 25 April 2024.

Challenge Launch
21 September 2023
Registration opens on the 21/09/2023
Learn more about the Moon by completing the Moon Camp challenge activities
Develop your Moon Camp project
Submit your project on the platform

Teacher / educator preparation:
Create a plan of action for your team
Participate in the teacher training modules (dates to be announced)
Deadline for submissions
25 April 2024
Website closes for submissions on the 25/04/2024
Make sure you submit your projects before the deadline!
May 2024
Certificates of participation will be sent to the students and mentors
All valid projects will be uploaded to the Moon Camp gallery
Final online event
May / June 2024

Virtual event with an ESA astronaut and space experts, open to all the participants that submitted a valid project

How to start

Exploring space is about travelling farther and coming back with new experiences and knowledge to help us on Earth. Humankind will benefit from the new discoveries, ambitions, science, inspiration, and challenges.

When designing a space habitat teams need to adapt their design to the environment, consider the use of local resources and provide protection and living and working facilities for the astronauts.

Prepare your project, start by choosing your location, design tools and techniques.

Choose your space location
Decide where your habitat is going to be located in the Solar System
Choose your design tools and techniques
Decide how you would like to create your project

Learn more about the space environment

Prepare your students for their Moon Camp project with our useful educational resources. You can find 3D design tutorials for Tinkercad and Fusion 360, curricular classroom resources covering a wide range of STEM topics, videos with space experts, interesting moon animations and much more!

Resources are available in multiple languages, as well as closed captions for videos. 

Visit the Resources page to find out more.

Classroom Resources
PHOTO DATE:  03-18-22
LOCATION:  Bldg. 8, Room 183 - Photo Studio
SUBJECT:  Photograph official astronaut portrait of ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen in EMU.
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