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Team: Moon Base MK1

Category: Moon base | Romsey |  United Kingdom |  3 |  11 years old, 10 years old External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

First, we started off by discussing if the best approach was to make it out of domes or out of triangle. Eventually, we settled on triangles. So we started laying down our rooms and tunnels; we did all the way up to break time. Then, we started to discuss as a group whether we wanted the building to be fully transparent or opaque. In the end, we chose opaque. We also decided to put a oxygen machine in every room. Hang on until the end to see our final product. The one, the only, THE moon base!

Well the main reason why we chose triangles is because we know that mathematically it is the strongest shape. So using this shape we realised that the triangle shape would give the astronauts more protection from asteroids entering the moon’s exosphere.

In the biggest building there is a lake and a field for crops. That is where we get clean water (we send the water through a purifier before we drink it) and vegetables. The astronauts are vegan.

Are base is powered by solarenpanals that are dotted round are base. This powers are heating, are lights, and are science tools.

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