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Team: JAMN

Tamil Nadu    India Category: Rocket External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

The Rocket is specially designed for Moon. The location the rocket is taking off is from Moon and landing on Phobos (i.e. the natural satellite of Mars). The payload in this Rocket is Rover with all the Scientific instrument to study the surface. It is a liquid propellant rocket. Liquid oxygen is the oxidizer and Methane as the fuel.

Parts of my rocket from top to bottom are:

Nose cone: This is the part where the payload is placed.

Guidance system: This the part which helps in the guidance of the rocket.

Fuel tank: Methane

Oxidizer tank: Liquid oxygen

Piping system to transfer propellant from tank to the combustion chamber.

Combustion chamber: To burn the propellant.

Nozzle: To expand and exhaust the gases, thus generating thrust.

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