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Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

Team: Lunar Rover

Sohar    Oman Category: Lunar lander External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

This is the mission to search life on the moon. This lunar rover is the payload of the rocket, and the rocket we are going to use is a liquid rocket using two serial stage and pump fed systems. After the launch when the rocket is going to escape the earth’s exosphere then the the first stage will re-land back to earth and the second stage and the payload will separate and then the capsule will fall down and the airbags will burst and then the rover comes out of the capsule and starts its duty. Then it captures the pictures of the moon and then the sensors collect information of the atmosphere and there is a server which stores the information. The robotic arms collect the sample of  sand and research it by looking at the soil. The information is sent via communication system to earth.

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