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Moon Camp Discovery 2020-2021 Project Gallery

Team: Gabin

Saclay    France Category: Lunar lander External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

Moon Landing Module

This module will land on the moon for people to do research.

It has 4 motors which will operate in turn and a back-up motor.

The module has two sides and will be built on Earth. The rounded side is used to store the equipment and there will also be a small laboratory a fridge and two beds in case of problem. The cubic side is the cockpit.

The feet of the machine can each support a weight of 100 tons for a total of 600 tons. In case of uneven ground feet are telescopic.

It is equipped with five cameras, four of which will reconstitute the module in miniature and a camera under the module which will reconstitute the terrain.

The module will be automated but if there is a malfunction it can also be controlled by the people who are in the machine. The machine weighs a total of 25 tons. The machine has headlights. It also has two antennas to pick up radio waves.

There are also tools and spare parts if problems  arise. The feet will remain on the moon. There will be reactors under the module and under the feet. There will be a hatch to remove the motors. There will be engines in the base.

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