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Team: Core Moon

上海    China Category: Moon base External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

The core in the moon base is divided into three parts, which are interconnected and can work independently of each other. The first part is the living area, which is mainly responsible for providing necessary life guarantee for scientific research people on the moon. There is a storage room connected to the road corridor, which is used as a granary. Set up equipment maintenance workshops to ensure the smooth development of work. The plant cultivation greenhouse guarantees the life nutrients of all residents. The second part is the working area, which is mainly responsible for the detection, experiment and completion of necessary experiments on the moon. There is a super large screen in the main research room with a built-in alarm, which can remind relevant personnel to leave the dangerous place once there is a dangerous situation. The third part is the preparation area, which is mainly responsible for the work on the moon, the transportation of materials and the preparation for returning to the earth. The lunar module on standby can be used as a transit station to help the moon or the ground at any time.

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