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Team: Filip Wilk from GlobKids

Kraków    Poland Category: Moon base External link for Tinkercad 3D design
Project description

Good day.
My name is Filip Wilk and I will present my space base now. I have placed 3 habitats (astronaut living quarters) with a garden zone that were placed on the upper floor of each habitat to allow access to sunlight. My intention was to put a food source in the form of potatoes there because they are undemanding plants and are easy to grow. However, the Tinkercad program does not have potatoes, so I put pumpkins there. At the bottom of the habitats there are living areas, there is a table with chairs and two sofas. I have not forgotten about lighting either. Since I have already discussed the source of food and the rest zone, it’s time for a laboratory and a source of energy. Energy will be provided by solar panels and as for the laboratory, I have put there basic viewing and research equipment, e.g. a microscope. In addition, in the circle of the base I have placed a lander with a landing pad and a manually controlled spacecraft that will be able to extract lunar resources, moon dust and extract water from the depths. So much for my base. Thank you for your attention and goodbye.

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